Josie Poe is here!

Hello, blog world! I'm embarrassed that it took me four months to get a post up about my sweet baby girl. She is such a joy and it's been hard to imagine making a blog post that does justice to how much we love her and how wonderful our lives are now that she's here. So, I don't think I'll try and describe everything here but know that we are happier than we have ever been and are loving every day with this girl. And I'm taking A LOT of photos. Like, a LOT of photos. Choosing just a few for this post was almost impossible so I just grabbed a few favorites and told myself that I couldn't go to bed until this was up :)

The first photo was an iphone shot when she was just a few hours old. It's not an incredible photo but it's one of my favorites and I will cherish it forever. Iphone and all :) The next few were taken when JP was two weeks old which was the first time I really stopped feeding and sleeping and started shooting!

Josie was six weeks old in this photo and I love it because it really captured what she was like at the time. She was so tiny!

Jake took this of Josie and me when she was 7 weeks old and it's another favorite. We've moved back to Davis since this photo but we spent lots and lots of hours rocking in that spot and I'll always have such good memories of that window!

Fast forward! When JP was 10 weeks old (and on our 4th wedding anniversary!) we moved back to Davis from Alameda, CA. We are so glad to be back and are loving getting settled in our new house. This was when JP was about 12 weeks testing out her new chair :)

Josie loves being outdoors. We took this one day in the back yard while we hung out and listened to birds and watched the trees blow in the wind.

Major achievement! This was taken when she was about 3.5 months old. Achieving the toe-grab and the toe-to-mouth goal was a big milestone and has provided lots of entertainment for this sweet girl.

Last but not least here she is with her mama and papa. We are both staying home with her part time and we love having our time with her. I couldn't have asked for a better partner to raise a baby with. Jake's patience with me and baby is endless and his capacity for loving us both just keeps growing and growing. Josie is proving to be a sweet, fun, easy baby for which we feel eternally grateful. 
I'm still shooting so definitely get in touch and we'll talk about working together! Thanks for scrolling through and have a good weekend, friends!

Much love,


{Expecting}: Jess & Mike

Isn't she beautiful!? Jess is such a dear friend to me. Our due dates are less than 2 weeks apart and it's been a complete joy getting to share this journey towards having a little one with her. I went out to Colorado to visit Jess and Mike a few weeks ago to shoot a wedding with Jess and it was so nice to just be able to sit on the couch and catch up with her. Luckily Mike indulged us and let me shoot a few hundred photos of them one morning so I wanted to share some of my favorites. These two are going to be seriously good parents and I can't wait for Josie Poe and baby Apostle to be friends!!

Mourning the Bronco's loss of Tim Tebow.