About Me

It often feels a bit ridiculous to me that I can love what I do this much. It hits me at different times how cool my job is - once I was driving across the bay bridge after a family shoot and thought...my job is perfect. I just got to hang out with a super cool family for a few hours, do what I love and that's actually my job. Once I was taking some of the very first pictures of a couple's first baby and I realized that I was giving them something they would cherish forever. Often during the vows and toasts at weddings I get choked up - knowing that it is a complete honor to get to share in the most important day of so many couples' lives.

So that's the long story, short. Send me an email or give me a call. I would love to get to know you - and take your picture!

{Thanks to the fabulous Jess Apostle for my picture!}